• March 7, 2020

“2A Sanctuary” Movement comes to NJ

“2A Sanctuary” Movement comes to NJ

“2A Sanctuary” Movement comes to NJ 1024 576 Maurice River Sportsmen

The Second Amendment “sanctuary” movement has arrived in Jersey, but in a different form than where it started in Virginia in response to the sudden change in government control there and the dramatic imposition or extreme gun ban schemes where none had existed before.

Throughout the Garden State. authorities have been adopting (or considering adopting) sanctuary declarations. But unlike Virginia, New Jersey’s declarations (so far) have consisted of statements of general support for the Second Amendment. Contrast that with many Virginia declarations. which are pledges not to enforce new gun laws. No government authority in New Jersey has yet pledged not to enforce “the law.”

The 2A sanctuary movement arose as a counter-reaction to the immigration sanctuary laws – declarations by liberal cities that they would not enforce federal immigration laws and that undocumented immigrants would find sanctuary from federal laws there. If liberal authorities could simply ignore immigration laws. why couldn’t conservative authorities play that same game and just ignore bad gun laws? Ironically. the same authorities ignoring federal immigration laws have reacted almost violently, and hypocritically, to the notion that gun laws can be similarly ignored.

The actual impact of Virginia pledges not to enforce new gun laws remains to be seen once those laws go into effect. But New Jersey gun owners expecting generic Garden Slate declarations supporting the Second Amendment to result in refusal to enforce the Jaw here may be disappointed.

Ultimately, New Jersey declarations raise Second Amendment awareness and get local leaders on the record about gun rights. They are a welcome and refreshing change from the usual chorus of false and misleading rhetoric we hear from public officials.

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